As all students and families look ahead to the summer and the upcoming school year, we invite everyone registered for 2017-18 at St. Sylvester to peruse the following information.

2017-18 School Calendar

2017-18 Class Supply List

At the start of each school year, the staff and students of St. Sylvester School strive to build upon and improve the strong sense of community that was established in the previous year.  In order to do so, we plan numerous afterschool and evening events that allow our families and members of the outside community to come together.  Some of the 2017-18 family events include: Back to School Night, Halloween Fun Fair, Santa Brunch, Bingo Night, 1st & 2nd grade play, 3rd & 4th grade play, 8th grade graduation, Sonic Celebration, Kindergarten graduation, Preschool luncheon, monthly Family Mass, and Running Club.

In addition, our buddy program continues to flourish in 2017-18! This pairing up of classes allows children in various grades to connect and helps to strengthen the school’s sense of community.  Buddy classes meet periodically to do art projects, read books, and plan prayer services together.

Below are the Summer 2017 Reading and Math Packets for each grade. All problems and readings are due the first week of school, along with the necessary related work. If your child does not recall how to solve a problem, there is nothing wrong with an educated guess!